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You can check to see if a potential resident's ACT Certificate is valid. Please enter the ACT Certificate Number to find out the status of an ACT Certificate. If the Certificate is valid, you will be provided with the name of the resident from our system, so you can cross-reference it with the resident's application.

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Enroll in the ACT Program to be able to list your property for Santa Barbara area residents to view on our web stie. Enrolling is easy, and you'll get the benefit of applicants who've completed the ACT course when renting your property. ACT now!

Email: Tom Evans
Phone: 805-653-6000

ACT is sponsored in part by the California State Incentive Grant Awards.

How ACT works and who we are.

ACT is a community project that aims to provide community residents with information about living and renting practices that are healthy and safe, in an attempt to encourage a community of more responsible renters.

Residents are encouraged to complete our simple ACT online Residence Host Training course, which has been specifically developed for the unique issues and laws involving the communities in the Santa Barbara area. Once they have successfully passed the course, renters will be awarded an ACT Certificate and Certificate Number.

ACT Property Managers provide choice property listings any Santa Barbara area resident can view on the ACT Resident web site. It's a great tool to reach renters.

ACT was created by local agencies and developers and will continue to develop over the next several years adding to the network of users and services offered.

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